04 May 2010

Tresemme Heat Protectant Review

So I've had this product for a couple of weeks now and thought that I would do a review for you all :)

I like this product, its nice and makes my hair very soft and smooth but I do have some problems with it in that I find that on the day after showering and using the product my hair seems to feel greasier than it did when I was using the L'Oreal Hot Straight hair protectant which is rather annoying because its so much easier to use and apply than the L'Oreal.


- My hair is so smooth and soft and I have recieved several compliments since using this
- Does protect hair from all sorts of heat
- Easy application as it have a spray applicator so once sprayed on all you have to do is comb it through
- Makes hair look shiny and healthy
- Cheap as it was only about £4? im not quite sure

- I do find my hair to be greasy on the second day more than normal but that might be different as my hair is veryy thin so if your hair is thicker you might not have this trouble
- Even though the applicator is easy to use I find it difficult to hold, im not quite sure why but I do.. this isn't a reason not to buy it though

Overall I would recommend you buy this and try it as its a good product and even if you buy it and decide its not for you its not expensive :)

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