27 May 2010

30 Days - Day 4 Your Favourite Book

To keep up with tradition I don't have a favourite but i'll show you some of my favourites..

- Stephenie Meyer - Twilight! :) all 4 of the books, my favourite of the 4 is Breaking Dawn because everything you want to happen happens :) these are definately worth reading and I will be purchasing the new one in 8 days! im very excited :) ha
- Lisa Jewell - 31 Dream Street, I love this book it is such a great love story that I like because It doesn't rush into the couple getting together straight away its more of a gradual thing :)
- Freya North - Pillow Talk, I got this free in cosmo last year and its great :)
- I also like Lauren Conrad's books and all of Katie Price's novels apart from Angel Uncovered as it ruins Angel

At the moment I am reading Maureen Lee - Nothing Lasts Forever, which I can see is going to become one of my favourites as well :)

What are your favourite books? Anything to recommend?

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