25 May 2010

30 Days - Day 2 Your Favourite Movie

I have lots of favourite movies so i'll name them all for you;

- Forest Gump - possibly the best movie ever made, its so good and always makes me cry but always puts me in an amazing mood :)
- The Notebook - such a happy but sad film, always makes me cry loads at the end :( but still one of my faves
- The Grudge - yes I do like scary films and this is one of the scariest I have ever seen, its so scary I don't think that I can watch it again although I have seen it several times..
- Twilight - yes I am a twilight fan, I like both of the films and will most likely like the next two as well :) (prefer the books though, the films miss too much out)

there probably my 4 favourite ones but I do like a lot of other films :)

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