14 May 2010

Haul (yes another one)

So i've got a party tomorrow and some friends wanted to get something new to wear, as I have no money I couldn't although I would of liked to :( but I did have some money left over from the other day in the form of £3 so I wasn't sure what I would get but I wanted to get something..

Natural Collection Strawberry Body Spray £1.99 Boots

Nivea Deodrant £1 Superdrug

What bargains :) I was looking for a body spray and this one is amazing, it smells of really sweet strawberrys which I love, Boots also do other smells which also smell great :) The deodrant was on offer which is why it was cheap. All in all im very happy with my purchases :)

There will be an outfit of the day this weekend for what I wore for the party im going to :)

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