29 May 2010

30 Days - Day 6 Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

It was my last day at school yesterday so I have decided to share some photos and stuff with you all :)

It feels very strange to have left my school as i've been there for 7! years now (its a sixth form college as well), next up for me is university which im very nervous about as i'll know nobody and i'll be living in the halls of residence as well..

Anywayyy yesterday we had a leavers assembly in the sixth form common room which lasted for about 2 hours but it was interrupted by 4! fire alarms set off by us once and the rest of the school the other times (it was the year 11's last day too) it was rather eventful full of people falling asleep drunk others running out to be sick cause they were drunk and a few people crying (ha) we then all went to the pub to have a farewell drink which turned into quite a few drinks :)

Here are a few pictures from the day..

Me and my two best friends :) (excuse the hair and makeup)

Me and a good friend :)

Me and some friends :) (can you tell im only 5ft? ha)

Me and some good friends :)

Most people from my school also got these hoodies which have our names or whatever else we wanted at the bottom and then in the 10 is the whole years names (twice), this will be a nice keep sake :)

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