26 May 2010

30 Days - Day 3 Your Favourite TV Programme

Once again I don't have a favourite but I have lots that I enjoy watching when they're on and not taking a 6 month break..

- Desperate Housewives - truely one of the the best and funniest programmes i've ever watched, the women on this programme are just mad and always getting themselves into trouble
- Brothers & Sisters - love love love this family
- 90210 - great programme to watch not as good as the two above but still enjoyable to watch
- Bones - david boreanaz <3
- House - has one of the best story lines and always makes me laugh
- True Blood - definately not for children.. this would probably be my fave if I had to choose one
- Gossip Girl - totally addicted to this at the moment, started watching it last weekend and im already up to season 3..

Thats probably all of them although I could probably think of at least another 10 to put on this list but I shall refrain from putting you all through that :) what are your favourite TV programmes? anything to recommend?

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