30 April 2010

Red Lips

I was thinking about what to do for a blog post and then I spotted this red lipstick that I have by Max Factor. It is in the colour Rose Wood, its more of a dark red rather than a bright red so its more wearable, although I have to say that im not quite brave enough to wear it out somewhere!

Applied by itself, as you can see it doesn't give a really scary colour that you wouldn't want to wear somewhere. It actually gives a more natural colour to the lips.

Applied with a clear gloss over the top to give it more of a shine. I have to say that I prefer it with the gloss as it makes them stand out a bit more.

This is a nice colour to have on your lips which could be worn day to day if you wanted to have a redder lip. The duration that the colour stays is a good few hours so you wouldn't have to worry about reapplying every hour. Im not sure how much this was at it was a gift but I don't think that its very expensive so that everybody can afford one (or two?). You can get this from places such as Boots and Superdrug :)

29 April 2010

Everyday Eye Makeup

My eye makeup for everyday is very simple and doesn't take long at all, its just a very fresh look as I don't use a lot of product as it is only for sixth form so I don't really want to wear a lot of makeup when im only there for a couple of hours.

I first apply concealer underneath and on top of the eye which also gives some colour to the eyelid so I don't need to use an eyeshadow. 

I then apply this all over the eye and face as well with a powder puff to make the area matte which gives a nice finish.

I then use this Max Factor mascara on the top eyelashes which gives great definition of the lashes. The only downfall is that it can get a bit dry and flakey. 

I then line the eye on the bottom water line with this eyeliner however on this day I also applied it to the top water line and along the top of the eyelid very thinly.

This is really easy and only takes like 1 - 2 minutes :)

Rimmel London Blush

I got this blush at christmas and totally forgot I had it but since I have found it i've used it nearly everyday :) It is called Pink Rose and is a really nice pink colour which just adds a little bit of colour to your cheeks which is all I want from a blush.

I loveee the packaging for the Rimmel London blushes with the crown on as it makes it look really different to all other brands.

The top image is in the sunlight and the other in normal light

This shows what the blush looks like on my arm, it actually looks like a coral blush, it has a nice sheen to it which really shows up in the sun (I didn't realise how much hair was on my arms! ha)

This shows the blush on my finger in the sun so you can see the nice natural glow it gives to your skin when applied.

I would recommend this product as its not very expensive and is a good product :)

25 April 2010

Clothes Haul

So I went shopping the other day but not until late so I actually only managed to get into one shop, buttt I did get a couple of things that I thought I would share with you :)

Top - £16
Jeggings - £22
Bag - £10
Heart Necklace - £6
3 Row Necklace - £8

I didn't pay these prices as there was a 20% off at the time which I think might still be on? Im not sure.
All from Dorothy Perkins :)

23 April 2010

Everyday Makeup

In the mornings I a) don't have enough time and b) I can't be bothered to do a full face of makeup. I actually rarely do a full face of makeup. So I thought that I would share the makeup I wear on a day to day basis :)

The first thing I put onto a moisturised face is;

My concealer which I couldn't live without, I do however want to try a liquid concealer though as I haven't had one before. This is in the colour Ivory 001

The next thing I do is apply some face powder, I use this Natural Collection one by Boots which is just a matte powder. This is in the colour Sand.

I then apply this eye liner from Avon to my water line. This is a really nice eye liner, it is in the colour Blackest Black and it really is, its easy to use and smudge.

I then finally apply this mascara from Max Factor which is in colour Rich Black. I like this marcara a lot, its really nice however I do find that it kind of flakes off sometimes but that might just be because its getting a bit old now.

And that is everything that I do most days, at the weekends I sometimes do an eye look and if im going out somewhere nice then I use like foundation etc. This only takes me a couple of minutes and is really easy to do :)

Heat Protectant

So I straighten my hair every day and blow dry it after I shower, and I know its terrible for my hair but I hate my natural hair and like it straight :) however to make it a little bit better for my hair I do always use a heat protectant to give it some protection.

I have been using this L'Oreal Hot Straight for about 3 years now and it is lovely :) it makes my hair really soft, it makes it look nice as well without making the hair greasy as well. The only downside really is the application, as you have to put it into your hands and then put it through the hair it can be annoying as you then have to go and wash your hands.

However I have always heard good things about this Tresemme heat protectant and as Tesco had an offer on I decided to purchase it. I have had it for about a week now and I must say I am quite impressed. It says that its supposed to make your hair smooth and it really does, as soon as I applied it it made my hair feel nicer. The application is much easier than the L'Oreal one, all you do is spray it on and comb it through, however I do find it a bit difficult to hold. I would say that it does as good as a job at the L'Oreal heat protectant and the only problem I really have with the Tresemme one is that I find my hair to be quite static especially the next day which can be rather annoying.

Over all I love both of these, they both do a great job and don't leave your hair feeling full of product. Im not sure which of these I prefer but I would recommend both of them :)

20 April 2010

Elf + Other Things

So I've always heard that elf is really cheap but i never realised just how cheap it is! I went on their website last night and was in utter shock, their products are like $1 - $3 on single makeup brushes, concealers and primers and also eyeshadows and many other things im sure but I haven't looked at everything. Next time I actually have some money to spare I will definately be buying from there :)

I did a nice everyday eye look yesterday and just could not get a decent photo to put on here so i'll have to try again another day.

My nailvarnish chipped earlier pulling a plug out of the socket :( not impressed, gona change colour though instead of doing the nail again (I get bored of what colour my nails are very quickly).

I have recently got into watching Ugly Betty, and have decided to watch it from the beginning :) any of you watched it? Is it worth watching?

Anyway I will do a proper blog post tomorrow hopefully :) don't know what about though...

18 April 2010

Rimmel London - Azure

Last night I decided to paint my nails before I went back to school and as the weather has been nicer than normal I went for a brighter colour.

(No there not perfect, im not that good at painting nails)

This is after I have put on a top coat as well. As you can see the colour matches what is in the bottle pretty well. It does stay on for a fairly long time which is good. However there is a bit of a sparkle to this colour so if you don't like sparkle on your nails this won't be for you, but if you do like it then I highly recommend buying this product :)

16 April 2010

Outfit of the Day

So yesterday I was in tesco's with my mum and we decided to look at the clothing and there were actually some nice bits so I got a few things, some of which is this...

Top with waistcoat - Tesco's
Jeggings - Tesco's 
Ancle boots - New Look
Bracelets - Miss Selfridge (came as part of a bangle set)

15 April 2010


I thought that you might like to get to know me a bit better, enjoy :)

Vital Statistics:
Me: Jody
Nicknames: Don’t really have one, family call me Jod even though i don’t like it and tell them not to all the time :)
Birthday: 30th October
Place of Birth: Northamptonshire UK
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Student
Residence: Northamptonshire
Screen Name: Jody

Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: Not long enough
Eye colour: Green
Best Feature: Eyes
Height: 5ft :)
Braces?: Had them when I was younger
Glasses?: Yes and contacts
Piercing: None
Tattoos: None
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: That i remember, a girl called Rebecca
First Award: Still waiting :(
First Sport You Joined: I hated P.E so none :)
First Real Vacation: Not been abroad yet
First Concert: Rihanna
First Love: Jake :)

Movie: Notebook/Twilight/The Grudge etc.
TV Show: Desperate Housewives :)
Colours: Turquoise/Purple
Song: Most Coldplay songs
Sweet: Atm Twirl :)
Restaurant: KFC/McDonalds (don’t really eat at restaurants)
Store: Dorothy Perkins
Book: Love stories mostly
Magazine: Cosmo/Glamour
Shoes: Plimsolls/Ancle Boots

Feeling: Boreddd
Single or Taken: Taken
Eating: Nothing
Typing: This
Listening To: Nothing
Thinking About: Everythinggg
Wanting: Get some food
Watching: The computer screen
Wearing: jeggings, long top and cardi :)

Want Children?: Definitely :)
Want to be Married: Yess :)
Careers in Mind: Psychological counsellor (yn)
Where do you want to live?: Probably one of the few people who actually want to live in England :)

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: No
Had Alcohol: Yes
Smoked: No
Ran Away From Home: Packed but never actually ran away
Broken a bone: Nope
Got an X-ray: Nope
Broken Someone's Heart: Yes :(
Broke Up With Someone: Yes
Cried When Someone Died: Yes
Cried At School: Yes

Do You Believe In:
God: No
Miracles: No
Love At First sight: Yes
Ghosts: No
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing on the First Date: Yes
Yourself: Debatable


So I have to be up and in the shower in roughly 6 hours and typically I can't get to sleep so instead I thought that I would write on here about random stuff :)

As you know yesterday or 2 days ago if you would rather I had my wavy hair and when I woke up the next day my hair was still really full and wavy which I was rather shocked about, I thought that after sleeping on it and moving around all night that it would all be squashed and a mess so when I woke up I was pleasantly surprised. It was fine to have for the next day as well instead of having to wash it and start again, my hair also didn't feel as greasy as it usually felt probably due to the fact that it hadn't been ironed flat :) all I did was add some more of the John Frieda Satin Shine product and some more hairspray and I was ready to go which was great.

I got a free sample in one of my magazines the other day for the new Maybelline 24h Super Stay foundation and then I forgot that I also ordered a free sample from their website which I believe you can still get so I now have two. Of course once again the colour was completely wrong for my skin tone so my face was a bit of a different colour to the rest of me but it wasn't too noticable as I didn't put a lot on (the colour I got was Sand and im definately an Ivory). It is advertised to be 24h but im not sure that it lasted that long, but I will keep using it for the next couple of days and give you a better review of that then although im not sure how a foundation could do that but we shall see...

My next blog post will most likely be a Q&A so that you can get to know me a bit better and im hoping to do a nailvarnish one as soon as I get round to painting my nails, as well as an easy everyday eye look :)

13 April 2010

Wavy Full Hair

So yesterday I didn't have a shower until about 5 (yes I had a lazy day) and I didn't really want to blow dry and straighten my hair so I thought that I would just leave it to dry naturally, except I hate my natural hair therefore I decided to make it wavy. I did this by french plaiting it in four different places, two at the front and 2 at the back so that all of the hair was in a plait. As this was like my first proper time of french plaiting my hair it wasn't very good therefore I decided I wouldn't take a picture :) (sorry).

I then slept on it and woke up this morning to amazingly still have the hair bobbles in place and to have lovely wavy hair! :) I have tried doing this before but I did more sections of normal plaits all over and it just looked very silly. This on the other hand looked very nice, full with loads of volume something I am not used to as usually I have my hair veryyyyyy straight. When I took it out I used...

This product is amazing, it was a present a while ago and omg it smells amazing, I can't explain the smell but its just a really nice smell :) I put this all through the hair.
I finished it off by putting a fair amount of this all over the hair, its good because you don't feel that its in the hair unlike some hairsprays which can make the hair hard and sometimes sticky. This product also doesn't smell as bad as a lot of hair sprays I have used in the past.

I took some pictures of the final product to give you an idea of how it looked...


Sorry about the different lights and angles etc. The waves really stayed in well which is surprising with my hair because after a couple of hours its usually all droped and looks practically straight.

As you can propably tell the one above is straight after taking the plaits out and the one below is at the end of the day (with the glasses on). As you can see the waves have only partially fallen out so it looks a little bit more natural. 

Over all very happy with the way that this turned out and will probably do my hair like this more often as its a good way of not using any heat on the hair which I use on a daily basis, its also quick and very easy to do.

11 April 2010

Blahhh :)

Im totally delaying doing any college work atm as I simply can't be bothered even though I really need to get it done..

maybe I should move to somewhere else but i have no idea where to move to get motivation to do it (3 long essays) :(

Any ideas on how to get motivated? 

Oh well i'll just write another post about anything I can think of at the time.

Sooo it was a fairly nice day yesterday so I sat out in the sun with my mum, sister and dogs for a couple of hours in the morning and im like the whitest person you'll probably know and my skin has gone all bumby and delicate which is really annoying because I was in the shade for most of the time!

I seem to have gone of music a bit, I have no idea why because I love listening to music as it usually puts me in a good mood (unless its Coldplay - Fix You which nearly always makes me cry) but I just don't feel like putting on any when im sitting on my laptop buttt then if I go out and the radio is on in the car then I enjoy most of the music which is on at the time and think 'oh i'll download this when I get in' but i never do =/

I really need some money as I want to buy L'Oreal Matte Morphose foundation as I got a free sample in a magazine and it is sooooo nice, it literally glides onto my skin and makes it look really smooth and even (Even though the colour was wayy too dark for my skin, I made it work). There are also some other products I would like to try.

Anyway I have now delayed as long as I can and need to get on with my work :(

Dry Shampoo

Personally I quite love dry shampoo and I know that a lot of other people do but some just don't think that it works. Well in my opinion it does and rather well, its not a way of not washing your hair for days on end but it does refresh your hair so that you could go that extra day without washing your hair if you wake up late or simply can't be bothered to shower in the morning/evening.

I use Batiste dry shampoo with the scent of tropical and it does smell quite tropically so its not going to leave an unpleasant chemical smell on your hair which is not what anybody wants from a product. All you have to do is section off a piece of hair and spray onto the roots, you then go through the rest of the hair doing the same thing then massage and brush out. Its very easy to do and only takes about 2 minutes at the most to do making it good if your in a rush which i usually am.

It does take away that greasy feeling when you run your fingers through your hair and it also makes the hair look better. However there are some drawbacks to this product in that it is white meaning that if you have dark hair it can make it look kind of grey after use but there is a new dry shampoo from Batiste made especially for people with brown or black hair so I will try that next time as its meant to stop that, if this new product does what it says it does then its almost perfect apart from the fact that I have found is that it doesn't seem to last very long, after a few hours my hair feels greasy again but then it does only advertise to refresh your hair between washes which I believe it does. However this could be due to my hair type as mine is very thin and gets greasy fairly quickly so it may be different for somebody with thicker hair but I personally don't know. 

  • Makes hair feel and look better
  • Smells quite pleasant
  • Its quick and easy to do
  • Batiste is very cheap and can be purchased from most supermarkets and drug stores like Boots and Superdrug for only a couple of pounds unlike some dry shampoos which can be quite expensive when they don't need to be
  • Doesn't seem to last very long (for my hair anyway)
  • Can make hair look grey (may be different with new product)
I personally think that everybody should have a can of this at home or in their handbag as it can be a real life saver :)

I will buy and try the new product especially for people with darker hair and do an updated review in the near future especially as mine has almost ran out :)

10 April 2010

Hello :)

Ok so just set up this blog, slowly getting the hang of how to do everything with the help of Google of course :)

This will basically be a blog where I can post about things that are going on in my life as well as a few beauty things as well such as reviews and stuff.

I thought you might like to know how i got into this? ...
Well I was a bit slow on the whole youtube beauty how to etc so I started watching them a couple of months ago and then saw in the comments that some of the people's youtube channels that I viewed had blogs too and thats how I found out how popular these blogs are and how many there are! I then thought about whether I could have a blog and what I would put on there if I did have one, and thats how I come about having a blog :)

I want to post onto this as much as I can whenever I can with whatever I can think to talk about which may be a load of rubbish sometimes but I hope you like my blog and enjoy it :)