13 May 2010

L'Oreal Hot Straight Review

This is a product that I have used for at least 4/5 years now and it is the one that I will probably use for much longer. It is a heat protectant which you apply on using your hands through the mid - ends of the hair, I always make sure I apply more to the ends than anything else though as my ends are the worst part of my hair. This product leaves my hair silky soft without making it feel heavy and greasy which most heat protectants I have tried leave my hair feeling probably because its so thin.

- Leave's hair soft (I always get compliments on how soft my hair is)
- Avoids feeling heavy and greasy
- Protects so that you don't ruin your hair quite as much when straightening
- Its cheap and does the job so you don't need to spend more money when you don't need to
- Last a long time (at least 4 months using an almond size amount every other day on mid length hair)

- Does leave excess in your hands so you will need to wash them after use
- You may want another heat protectant that is a spray to use the second day (I only wash my hair every 2 days) as this isn't the sort of product you would apply the next day, I personally don't but its up to you :)

I highly recommend that all of you buy this if you use heat appliances on a daily basis :)

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