30 April 2010

Red Lips

I was thinking about what to do for a blog post and then I spotted this red lipstick that I have by Max Factor. It is in the colour Rose Wood, its more of a dark red rather than a bright red so its more wearable, although I have to say that im not quite brave enough to wear it out somewhere!

Applied by itself, as you can see it doesn't give a really scary colour that you wouldn't want to wear somewhere. It actually gives a more natural colour to the lips.

Applied with a clear gloss over the top to give it more of a shine. I have to say that I prefer it with the gloss as it makes them stand out a bit more.

This is a nice colour to have on your lips which could be worn day to day if you wanted to have a redder lip. The duration that the colour stays is a good few hours so you wouldn't have to worry about reapplying every hour. Im not sure how much this was at it was a gift but I don't think that its very expensive so that everybody can afford one (or two?). You can get this from places such as Boots and Superdrug :)

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