10 April 2010

Hello :)

Ok so just set up this blog, slowly getting the hang of how to do everything with the help of Google of course :)

This will basically be a blog where I can post about things that are going on in my life as well as a few beauty things as well such as reviews and stuff.

I thought you might like to know how i got into this? ...
Well I was a bit slow on the whole youtube beauty how to etc so I started watching them a couple of months ago and then saw in the comments that some of the people's youtube channels that I viewed had blogs too and thats how I found out how popular these blogs are and how many there are! I then thought about whether I could have a blog and what I would put on there if I did have one, and thats how I come about having a blog :)

I want to post onto this as much as I can whenever I can with whatever I can think to talk about which may be a load of rubbish sometimes but I hope you like my blog and enjoy it :)

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