11 April 2010

Dry Shampoo

Personally I quite love dry shampoo and I know that a lot of other people do but some just don't think that it works. Well in my opinion it does and rather well, its not a way of not washing your hair for days on end but it does refresh your hair so that you could go that extra day without washing your hair if you wake up late or simply can't be bothered to shower in the morning/evening.

I use Batiste dry shampoo with the scent of tropical and it does smell quite tropically so its not going to leave an unpleasant chemical smell on your hair which is not what anybody wants from a product. All you have to do is section off a piece of hair and spray onto the roots, you then go through the rest of the hair doing the same thing then massage and brush out. Its very easy to do and only takes about 2 minutes at the most to do making it good if your in a rush which i usually am.

It does take away that greasy feeling when you run your fingers through your hair and it also makes the hair look better. However there are some drawbacks to this product in that it is white meaning that if you have dark hair it can make it look kind of grey after use but there is a new dry shampoo from Batiste made especially for people with brown or black hair so I will try that next time as its meant to stop that, if this new product does what it says it does then its almost perfect apart from the fact that I have found is that it doesn't seem to last very long, after a few hours my hair feels greasy again but then it does only advertise to refresh your hair between washes which I believe it does. However this could be due to my hair type as mine is very thin and gets greasy fairly quickly so it may be different for somebody with thicker hair but I personally don't know. 

  • Makes hair feel and look better
  • Smells quite pleasant
  • Its quick and easy to do
  • Batiste is very cheap and can be purchased from most supermarkets and drug stores like Boots and Superdrug for only a couple of pounds unlike some dry shampoos which can be quite expensive when they don't need to be
  • Doesn't seem to last very long (for my hair anyway)
  • Can make hair look grey (may be different with new product)
I personally think that everybody should have a can of this at home or in their handbag as it can be a real life saver :)

I will buy and try the new product especially for people with darker hair and do an updated review in the near future especially as mine has almost ran out :)

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