13 April 2010

Wavy Full Hair

So yesterday I didn't have a shower until about 5 (yes I had a lazy day) and I didn't really want to blow dry and straighten my hair so I thought that I would just leave it to dry naturally, except I hate my natural hair therefore I decided to make it wavy. I did this by french plaiting it in four different places, two at the front and 2 at the back so that all of the hair was in a plait. As this was like my first proper time of french plaiting my hair it wasn't very good therefore I decided I wouldn't take a picture :) (sorry).

I then slept on it and woke up this morning to amazingly still have the hair bobbles in place and to have lovely wavy hair! :) I have tried doing this before but I did more sections of normal plaits all over and it just looked very silly. This on the other hand looked very nice, full with loads of volume something I am not used to as usually I have my hair veryyyyyy straight. When I took it out I used...

This product is amazing, it was a present a while ago and omg it smells amazing, I can't explain the smell but its just a really nice smell :) I put this all through the hair.
I finished it off by putting a fair amount of this all over the hair, its good because you don't feel that its in the hair unlike some hairsprays which can make the hair hard and sometimes sticky. This product also doesn't smell as bad as a lot of hair sprays I have used in the past.

I took some pictures of the final product to give you an idea of how it looked...


Sorry about the different lights and angles etc. The waves really stayed in well which is surprising with my hair because after a couple of hours its usually all droped and looks practically straight.

As you can propably tell the one above is straight after taking the plaits out and the one below is at the end of the day (with the glasses on). As you can see the waves have only partially fallen out so it looks a little bit more natural. 

Over all very happy with the way that this turned out and will probably do my hair like this more often as its a good way of not using any heat on the hair which I use on a daily basis, its also quick and very easy to do.

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