20 April 2010

Elf + Other Things

So I've always heard that elf is really cheap but i never realised just how cheap it is! I went on their website last night and was in utter shock, their products are like $1 - $3 on single makeup brushes, concealers and primers and also eyeshadows and many other things im sure but I haven't looked at everything. Next time I actually have some money to spare I will definately be buying from there :)

I did a nice everyday eye look yesterday and just could not get a decent photo to put on here so i'll have to try again another day.

My nailvarnish chipped earlier pulling a plug out of the socket :( not impressed, gona change colour though instead of doing the nail again (I get bored of what colour my nails are very quickly).

I have recently got into watching Ugly Betty, and have decided to watch it from the beginning :) any of you watched it? Is it worth watching?

Anyway I will do a proper blog post tomorrow hopefully :) don't know what about though...

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