15 April 2010


So I have to be up and in the shower in roughly 6 hours and typically I can't get to sleep so instead I thought that I would write on here about random stuff :)

As you know yesterday or 2 days ago if you would rather I had my wavy hair and when I woke up the next day my hair was still really full and wavy which I was rather shocked about, I thought that after sleeping on it and moving around all night that it would all be squashed and a mess so when I woke up I was pleasantly surprised. It was fine to have for the next day as well instead of having to wash it and start again, my hair also didn't feel as greasy as it usually felt probably due to the fact that it hadn't been ironed flat :) all I did was add some more of the John Frieda Satin Shine product and some more hairspray and I was ready to go which was great.

I got a free sample in one of my magazines the other day for the new Maybelline 24h Super Stay foundation and then I forgot that I also ordered a free sample from their website which I believe you can still get so I now have two. Of course once again the colour was completely wrong for my skin tone so my face was a bit of a different colour to the rest of me but it wasn't too noticable as I didn't put a lot on (the colour I got was Sand and im definately an Ivory). It is advertised to be 24h but im not sure that it lasted that long, but I will keep using it for the next couple of days and give you a better review of that then although im not sure how a foundation could do that but we shall see...

My next blog post will most likely be a Q&A so that you can get to know me a bit better and im hoping to do a nailvarnish one as soon as I get round to painting my nails, as well as an easy everyday eye look :)

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