29 April 2010

Rimmel London Blush

I got this blush at christmas and totally forgot I had it but since I have found it i've used it nearly everyday :) It is called Pink Rose and is a really nice pink colour which just adds a little bit of colour to your cheeks which is all I want from a blush.

I loveee the packaging for the Rimmel London blushes with the crown on as it makes it look really different to all other brands.

The top image is in the sunlight and the other in normal light

This shows what the blush looks like on my arm, it actually looks like a coral blush, it has a nice sheen to it which really shows up in the sun (I didn't realise how much hair was on my arms! ha)

This shows the blush on my finger in the sun so you can see the nice natural glow it gives to your skin when applied.

I would recommend this product as its not very expensive and is a good product :)

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