23 April 2010

Everyday Makeup

In the mornings I a) don't have enough time and b) I can't be bothered to do a full face of makeup. I actually rarely do a full face of makeup. So I thought that I would share the makeup I wear on a day to day basis :)

The first thing I put onto a moisturised face is;

My concealer which I couldn't live without, I do however want to try a liquid concealer though as I haven't had one before. This is in the colour Ivory 001

The next thing I do is apply some face powder, I use this Natural Collection one by Boots which is just a matte powder. This is in the colour Sand.

I then apply this eye liner from Avon to my water line. This is a really nice eye liner, it is in the colour Blackest Black and it really is, its easy to use and smudge.

I then finally apply this mascara from Max Factor which is in colour Rich Black. I like this marcara a lot, its really nice however I do find that it kind of flakes off sometimes but that might just be because its getting a bit old now.

And that is everything that I do most days, at the weekends I sometimes do an eye look and if im going out somewhere nice then I use like foundation etc. This only takes me a couple of minutes and is really easy to do :)

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