11 April 2010

Blahhh :)

Im totally delaying doing any college work atm as I simply can't be bothered even though I really need to get it done..

maybe I should move to somewhere else but i have no idea where to move to get motivation to do it (3 long essays) :(

Any ideas on how to get motivated? 

Oh well i'll just write another post about anything I can think of at the time.

Sooo it was a fairly nice day yesterday so I sat out in the sun with my mum, sister and dogs for a couple of hours in the morning and im like the whitest person you'll probably know and my skin has gone all bumby and delicate which is really annoying because I was in the shade for most of the time!

I seem to have gone of music a bit, I have no idea why because I love listening to music as it usually puts me in a good mood (unless its Coldplay - Fix You which nearly always makes me cry) but I just don't feel like putting on any when im sitting on my laptop buttt then if I go out and the radio is on in the car then I enjoy most of the music which is on at the time and think 'oh i'll download this when I get in' but i never do =/

I really need some money as I want to buy L'Oreal Matte Morphose foundation as I got a free sample in a magazine and it is sooooo nice, it literally glides onto my skin and makes it look really smooth and even (Even though the colour was wayy too dark for my skin, I made it work). There are also some other products I would like to try.

Anyway I have now delayed as long as I can and need to get on with my work :(

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