01 June 2010


Yes its another NOTD (can you tell im pretty addicted to painting my nails at the moment?) :)

As you can see this is an Avon Mirror Shine in Blue Steel, I like the colour of this although looking at the colour on my nails its more lilac than blue steel but all the same its a nice colour. The actual product however its not so nice.. the colour is very hard to apply and even harder to apply well and evenly over the whole nail. I found that It was drying before I actually covered the whole nail so when I went over the same bit it would clump and look a mess. It was slightly easier to do the second coat but still not really worth the hassle because its not a very good quality nailvarnish and it looks quite streaky on the nails so im affraid to say that I wouldn't recommend this to somebody to buy :(

1 comment:

  1. Wow this colous is beautiful, shame about the quality! :) xx