08 June 2010

Lip Balm

For me there is only one make of lip balm that I will probably ever use again and it is Nivea. Nivea lip balms make my lips so soft and clear up any dry patches in the same day of using them, there amazing :) I use the Soothe and Protect and Pearly Shine depending on whether I want any colour on my lips.

Pearly Shine

Soothe and Protect

As you can see the Pearly shine gives you a nice pink glisten to your lips and Soothe and Protect gives you that 'just licked your lips' look. Both of these are really good quality and last me a long time even though I use them everyday and apply them about 10 - 20 times. They don't last on my lips for a very long time but I don't really mind that because they leave my lips feeling moisturized and soft which is all I really want from a lip balm. I have found that the Pearly Shine is more hydrating than than Soothe and Protect but both are really good. I tend to use these during the day rather than a lipgloss or lipstick but they both work as a good base especially the Soothe and Protect which also has SPF 12 which makes it good to use during the summer months :)


  1. you have such a pretty natural lip colour! as weird as that sounds lol! mine are so pigmented and close to being red *grrr*

    great post chick! xoxo

  2. Thank you for the swatches. I will get the pearly shine!!
    I just added you in my bloggroll. :D