04 June 2010

30 Days - Day 12 Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Im afraid to say this time its a bit of rant about what most people rant about at this time of the year.. EXAMS!

Aren't they just awful? I hate how your whole year is based on one 1-2 hour exam, I wish it could either be done on coursework or based on all of your work done throughout the whole year.

At the moment I am doing my last year of my A Levels and have 4 exams coming up in the next month which I am actually so nervous about because if I don't do well in these exams then I wont get into uni :/ which would not be good :(

Im probably just as nervous if not more nervous about results day, apparently you can find out whether you have been accepted into your uni anytime from midnight of the the day they are given to you (im going to be up all night waiting!), I've already told my friends that if I don't get into my chosen uni then I will not be coming in to collect my results because I'll probably burst into tears which really would be embarrassing!

I don't want to start with this mega revision which I NEED to do like now but I keep putting off :/ i've never been good at revising and don't find that It really helps me :/ oh dearrrr

On a bit of a brighter note I am moving house soon hopefully! I live next to a field which has now been decided to be built on so before they start anything we want to move and we have found a little village where everyone is so friendly anddd I will finally get a decent size room where I will actually be able to move and have wall space to put things :)

Oh and If you are or you know anyone who goes/is going to De Montfort University in Leicester pleasee email me :) byjody@hotmail.co.uk

I have to admit although you all have probably not read to all of this or if you have your probably bored I do feel a bit better for getting all of this off my chest :) Do you enjoy a good rant sometimes?

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