26 June 2010

My Most Worn Perfumes :)

Im not one of those girls who has loads of purfumes, I have quite a few but I only really wear 4 depending on my mood, these are:

Next Define

The website says: An oriental fragrance with exotic flowers and warm musks.

I say: This is a lovely flowery light fragrance which is perfect for summer :) 

I don't know whether you will be able to find this in the shops but you can find it on the website where you can get 100ml for £12 :)

The Body Shop Love ETC...

The website says: Note of pear, neroli, bergamot - combine to create the fragrant top notes. provide the initial scent of the fragrance.
Notes of jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley - combine to create the middle notes that vibrate across the fragrance. are the heart notes of the fragrance.
Notes of vanilla, sandalwood, creamy musk - combine to create the base notes of the fragrance. tend to linger on the skin longer than the other notes.

I say: Another lovely scent which I will most likely be wearing this summer as its another flowerly light scent :)

You can buy this off the website where you can get 50ml for £12 :)

Calvin Klein One

The website says: ckone fragrance is a light, relaxed scent, meant to be used lavishly. ckone eau de toilette can literally be splashed all over the body. It is simple, understated and accessible; a refreshing combination of brightness and sensuality. ckone creates a sense of individuality with notes of cardamom, papaya, musk and amber.

I say: This is said to be for both men and women but im not sure that a man could pull this off, its a slightly heavier scent than the other two but equally as nice and very wearable :)

You can buy this from boots where you can get 100ml for £23


The website says: Sophisticated and elegant. Monsoon combines top notes of Neroli and Bergamot with the delicate sweetness of lychee for an exotic fruity infusion. Fresh floral undertones of Bougainvillea Petal combined with Moroccan Rose Oil are complemented with base notes of eastern spice and hot amber oils to add underlying warmth and a sensual feel.

I say: A lovely fragrance which is heavier than the first two scents in this post but still very wearable and perfect for summer evenings :)

You can buy this off the Monsoon website where you can get 30ml for £15

I hope you enjoyed this post :) what are the top fragrances you wear? Anything to recommend?


  1. I know which one of your perfumes I prefer...

  2. I love perfumes with pretty bottles :) x

  3. I agree with Olivia, I love cute perfume bottles! :)