23 June 2010

Haul + Prom Dress :)

So yesterday I decided that I would go to prom because originally I wasn't going to but my friends have been asking me to go for ages and I finally caved and went and bought a ticket followed by prom dress shopping :) which if I found one quickly would be enjoyable which I thought I did but it was covered in pulls where it looked like somebody who was too big for the dress tried to sqeeze into it and ended up just ruining it anddd then they didn't have any others in my size :( I then looked in about 10 other shops looking for a dress and probably tried on about 25 all of which were horrible or just didn't suit me so I came home rather depressed :( so I went upstairs on my laptop to read my emails and there on my first email was the dress I tried on which had the pulls on it, went on the website and they had it in my size so I ran downstairs to grap my mums card (as I don't have one) ordered It, got my confirmation email and it will be here 2 - 4 days :D I was on such a high afterwards so the day wasn't as bad as it could of been :)

Anywayyyy now i've told you the story here is the dress :) ..

I also want the shoes she's wearing but they don't have them on the website which I thought was a bit weird and annoying :(

I also got some other little bits whilst I was in town..

 Two belts (in a set) £5 New Look 
I needed a white belt to tie in with the outfit I got the other day and this one is just so cute :)

Black bead necklace £4 New Look
Also to tie in with the outfit :)

Flower bangle £3 Blue Star

 Fake nails + glue £2.99 TK MAXX
I love TK MAXX you can find some real bargains such as benefit makeup, rimmel london products, designer clothes etc. you can basically get everything for a much lower price. As you can see these nails were originally £8.49. I also got a Cosmpolitan round barrel brush for £3.99 which I forgot to photograph :/

All in all it was a good day :)