25 June 2010

A body scrub for your face?

Now I know as much as any beauty blogger will know that you shouldn't use a body scrub for your face because its normally too harsh but the other week I ran out of my normal face scrub and thought that using this once wont matter until I get a chance to go and buy some more, but I found that this is even better than my original face scrub! This is one that came in a set from boots about a year ago that got given to me but i've never really used it until now and its amazing. You can use it on the face as the consistancy of the product is very thick so you have to get quite a lot out of the bottle for it to cover all of your face and although the beads are very hard you don't feel them at all. It leaves my face feeling amazingly soft, smooth and even all over :)

I have no idea if boots still sell this (its boots own) but its a great product which I will use until it runs out :) If you can find this or one that is like this I recommend you buy it now :)


  1. I did exactly the same thing the other day! But uhmm the results weren't that good hah :/

  2. @perfectionishuman Oh dearr thats not good :(

    @3ate4 yeah you should, just make sure its one with a thick consistency :)