25 June 2010

Andrew Collinge Purity Review

L - R Shampoo, Conditioner

I have to say that I actually love this shampoo and conditioner :) I used it a couple of times about 2 months ago and didn't really like it so went back to using Herbal Essences but when that ran out I had to choice but to use this and im really glad that I did because its turned into one of my favourites :)

- Leaves my hair so soft and smooth, possibly more than usual
- My hair always feels really clean (if that makes any sense) it feels light like there is no product in it even when I put on my heat protectant, straighten it and hairspray it
- I actually feel like I can go a third day without washing it (I usually wash it every other day) which really is a first for me, I wouldn't like to go a third day but if I woke up very late and didn't have time to shower then I wouldn't feel like people were looking and thinking 'eww wash your hair' haha
- Conditioner is a nice consistency
- Packaging is nice and the product lasts you a long time
- It has a salon type smell to it if you know what I mean which is rather pleasant 

- Shampoo is a bit too thick and I feel like when I put it on the top of my head its really hard to work it down to the ends of my hair which is really annoyin
- This is a volume shampoo and conditioner but I don't feel that it gives me a lot of volume just a slight lift at the roots but it works well as an ordinary shampoo and conditioner

I recommend you all go and buy this and I hope you love it just as much as me :)


  1. hey :)
    i've only just started going on blogger, and somehow found your blog.. when i saw the andrew collinge label and found out you use this shampoo and conditioner i was happily surprised :D
    i LOVE this product too! i'd say it's on the same level as john frieda's root awakening products, which are amazing, but with a nicer smell and half the price :)

  2. Aww well im glad you like it as well :)