06 June 2010

30 Days - Day 13 A Fictional Book

It didn't take me long to decide what to put for this post and for me it had to be The Twilight Saga which I love love love :) Its an amazing 4 books which I really got into when I got them.

I never really wanted to read or watch twilight because I didn't think it would be very good but then I saw the film and thought that it was alright and then got given the first three books for christmas and I read all three in about 2 weeks I got so addicted to them :) I then bought the 4th book myself and read it in 4 days the first time and 2! the second time :) (sad? a little yes)

I will hopefully be going to town tomorrow or sometime this week where I will pick up the newest one; The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner which is part of Eclipse (the 3rd one) which comes out in a month and I must say im very excited :) However I do prefer the books to the films as I feel they change and leave out important things in the films.

I would recommend these books to anybody who would want to read a love story with a twist :)

P.S I don't have a non-fictional book that I like therefore there will be no day 14 :) sorryyy x


  1. I love Twilight so much, im a it addicted, by the way, i think the Bree book is already out, my mum said she would buy it for me, yay! :) xx

  2. Yeah it is, I went and bought it today.. its half price in waterstones :) x