10 June 2010

Free Benefit?!

Yes its true you can get free benefit in this months Glamour magazine :) I just received mine as I have a subscription with them and although it is now the 10th! and i've only just got it im still glad I have it because its much cheaper :) This month you can get either the Bad Gal Eyeliner, the Eye Bright Pencil or the Conceal it Stick. I recieved the Conceal it Stick but I am very tempted to go and buy the magazine again just to get the other items :)


  1. Lovely! I went to asda today and there was one left but somebod had taken the benefit out of it I was so annoyed :| What colour is the concealer????

  2. Well thats rather annoying.. it doesn't actually say a colour on it but its a really light one which is perfect for me :) x