30 July 2010

Skincare: Moisturisers

So I know I have been an awful blogger this month but im back with my skincare products. Instead of doing one really long post with everything I use (which is actually a lot now) I thought I would do a mini series where I would go over the products and how I use them in more detail and I personally would rather read a short post than a majorly long one. Anywayyy on with the Moisturisers I use on my face and body.

I have had this pot of Avon's Rich Moisture Face Cream for about 2 years now and It has only just ran out, I have no idea if you can even still buy it from them but if you can I suggest you look into it. It's an amazing face cream, it is very thick and does sit on your skin for a while so it's best to put this on and then wait 5 minutes for it to sink in, but it's perfect for anybody who has dry skin like I do as it really does stop any signs of dryness on your face. I can't remember how much this cost me but I dont think it was anything more than £5 so it's really worth it as it's lasted me so long and you only needed the tiniest bit to cover your whole face and neck.

As my Avon cream has just ran out I have bought this one from Simple, I have a few other products from Simple and I really like all of them so I thought this would be the next thing for me to try from the range. It is only the light moisturiser but I think I may buy the rich one as well for when my skin is especially dry. I only got this yesterday and therefore only used it twice but it's really nice, a very light cream almost a lotion but not quite, sinks into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave any residue. You can buy Simple from most supermarkets and drug stores, from Boots it cost £3.29 for a 125ml bottle but you only need a small amount to cover all of your face and neck so it should last quite a long time. I can't really give a full review on this but if you would like me to when i've used it for a few more weeks then tell me and I will :)

Now onto my body, I use two different creams for my body depending on the occasion. If I am going somewhere special then I will use the Monsoon body cream as it has a lovely scent which lingers on your skin and if im not doing anything then I will use the E45 cream. The Monsoon body cream smells like the purfume does which is a scent I really like, it is a very think cream which goes a long way when using it. It is really moisturising and is great if you don't like using purfumes as it makes your skin smell amazing and it lasts on the skin a fair amount of time. The E45 cream is one that I have used since I was born as I have eczema and it is one that is good for people who have eczema, however you can use it even if you don't. This is quite a light moisturiser which sinks into your skin well and leaves you moisturised for the whole day. I use this everywhere and can be used for the face as well I just choose to use a different one. This is a very good cream that I highly recommend even though its not fancy or particularly good to look at it does the job and well.

So that turned into a long post, even though it wasn't meant to be(!) but I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions feel free to ask :) Have a good rest of the day :)

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  1. Iv tried the simple moisturisor and i really liked it :) xx