11 July 2010


I did my nails in this colour about 5 days ago now and i've just been too lazy to post it up and then when I did try to do it last night the picture wouldn't upload :/ anywayyyyy..

This is ELF's Desert Haze and it's a truely lovely colour which I expect I will be using quite a lot during the summer. The formulation of the product is very good, its not too thick and not too runny, in this picture I have on a base coat, 2 layers of the colour and a top coat. The first coat of the colour was very streaky and I was a little worried but applying a thicker second coat it evened it out and looked perfect :) I am glad that I have this colour as it's a lovely nude which is what I was looking for, it definately has a lilac undertone to it which only adds to my liking of this colour. It didn't stay on for long (but this may be due to my rather crap top coat) without chipping but its definately worth buying and for £1.50 you can't really go wrong. You can buy this from the ELF website :)


  1. I love this color. Very pretty xx

  2. i love that colour, iv been trying to find one like that for ages!

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