01 July 2010

ELF's Complexion Perfection Review

Almost a month ago I placed an order from ELF and posted all the products in my haul and I was going to do a review on all the products and the lovely Justine asked me to do a review on the complexion perfection so I thought I would start with this first :)

This is a translucent powder which is to be applied all over the face to give a matte, neutralized face, this can be applied over the top of foundation to set it or used on its own on a day when you want a more natural simple face (perfect for summer). I use this by swirling a large powder brush over the whole palette and then brush it over my face, particularly on my cheeks where I have the most redness.

The website says: Create a balanced and radiant complexion that is beautiful and healthy. The lightweight formula evens out the skin tone and absorbs excess oil. The sheer formula brightens, mattes and neutralizes the skin. Blend the powder over the entire face to brighten and even out the skin tone as well as neutralize any redness.

- Makes my skin feel silky smooth and very soft
- Gives a nice matte finish to skin
- Although it's white it doesn't leave a white powder on the face
- It does even out the skin tone
- Does neutralize all redness on my face
- It is very inexpensive at the small price of £3.50
- The packaging is very nice (very like Nars)

- I wouldn't say that the product really brightens the skin
- Does create quite a bit of fall out meaning the packaging inside does become a bit of a mess with powder everywhere

Overall I really love this product and highly recommend it and even if you buy it and decide you don't its only £3.50 so its not going to break the bank or be a such a waste of money. This product is part of the Studio line and can be bought of the ELF website :)


  1. I have this, but i dont think it really work very well on me. Maybe its because i dont have any redness in my skin really, but glad you like it :) xx

  2. Ooo I've been thinking about getting this next time I place an order! :)
    Thanks for the review!

  3. @Hannah aww thats a shame but I guess it could be due to not having redness (lucky) haha :)

    @Shannon I think you should definately pick it up :)

  4. Thank you so much Jody!!! I really want to get this now I think in my first elf haul I will have to pick this up! Sorry for a late comment I have neglected blogger resently! Thank you again!

  5. Your very welcome Justine, glad I could help :) x