04 July 2010

In's and Out's

This is my first one of these posts and I have no idea if there mean't to be monthly/seasonal but im not really that bothered as i've wanted to do this post for a while now but haven't got round to it, anywayyyy here are my in's and out's..

Finally finishing school! After 7 years I no longer have to go back to my school and do anymore homework or lessons with boring teachers and it is such a relief :)

Summer holidays :) im like everyone else where I loveee the summer holidays where you can just chill out and do nothing :)

Downloading TV shows, I have recently got into downloading all of the TV shows that I never got round to watching when they first aired. So far I have watched all three series of Gossip Girl, all of Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, True Blood (as the new episodes come out in the US as the UK always have to wait an age), and I am currently watching One Tree Hill. Are there any series you would recommend that I download?

Eclipse finally coming out! :) This is by far the best 'in' for me :) I watched it online on friday (which I know I shouldn't do but I couldnt wait another couple of days for it to come out in the UK and I also hate having the pay £8! for a ticket) and it was definately worth it :)

Getting back into caring for my skin, I have been a bit lazy recently and not doing my proper skincare routine but I am finally getting back into it, which my skin is thanking me for :) (post coming soon about the products I use)

Having a foundation that I love :) This makes me very happy and as you may of seen in a recent haul I bought two foundations but I have to say that I loveeee the L'Oreal Matte Morphose its just perfect for me (I have to admit that I have only used Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation once because I am awaiting an order from ELF with a brush to use it with :) but I will review both soon)

My hair in such poor condition, this upsets me :( it was nice once I had it cut off rather short and now it just doesn't look very good, still feels nice but is in a terrible condition, especially the ends from straightening it.

My nailvarnish chipping, this is very annoying and I do have a NOTD to put up but I think I may have to buy a new base/top coat to try and help the nailvarnish stay on longer.

Feeling nervous already about results (19th Aug) and about going to uni (Sept sometime). Do you ever get that nervous feeling deep down and no matter what you do to distract yourself its always there lingering? Well thats what I have now and it's doing my head in :(

Anywayyy thats the end of my ramble, hope you enjoyed reading it! :)


  1. Congratulations for finishing school :)
    I loveeee summer holidays toooooo!!! :D Though im working most of it -_- I have booked two weeks off in August though - yippeee eee yayy :)
    Woop for watching all three seasons of gossips girl!! It's so freakin awesome is it not? and isn't chuck bass to die for? -swoons- ;P
    OMGOSHY no waiii as if yooh have seen Eclipse no fair!!!! :O I really really can't wait to seee it!!!! TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY <3

    Oooo looking forward to your skincare routine post!! I've been quite lazy with mine latley too, I'm too tired on the evening to bother when I go to bed and in the morning im that busy rushing to catch my bus on time for work washing my face is as far as i go for skincare o.O its terrabibabubbles!!!

    I loooooove finding a foundation that actually matches your skin 100%!!! I use the relvon oily/combination liquid foundation :D

    Oooo for your nail polish chipping you should try the barry m clear nail polish top coat! really does stop your nail polish chipping and helps strengthen the nails too - BONUS :)

    I hate that nervous feeling :( But best of luck!!! -fingers crossed-!!!!! :) :D

    p.s sorry about my super duper long comment!!!!!

  2. Thank you :)

    Ahh im having a lazy summer holiday as im gona have to work my arse off the whole of next year at uni! haha. Enjoy your two weeks off :)

    Gossip Girl is amazingggg! I loveee it :) Oh yes chuck bass is gorgeous! I love watching his and blairs love/hate relationship and can't wait for season 4 :)

    You will haveee to go and see it, its rather good :) nooo, TEAM EDWARD!! haha

    Thats what im like, I go up to bed and think i'll just lazily take off my make up with a wipe and go to sleep.

    Ohh I'll have to try that foundation as well as loadsss of others that I want to try! :)

    Thanks for the recommendation, next time im in town I'll pick it up :)

    Thank youu :)

    p.s I don't mind, im just glad to know that somebody reads it :) xx