17 September 2010

Special Delivery :)

I was so excited when the doorbell rang the second time this morning as I was hoping so much that It would be my delivery and it was...

Yes I ordered the Benefit Gabby Makeup bag and I love it :) its so pretty, good material and its just love at first sight! haha :) I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and had a shock when it said it wouldn't arrive till the 6-26th of October! When I really wanted it to arrive before the 25th Sept when I go to uni and im so glad that it has :) It cost me about £21 with delivery from the Benefit website which is more than would normally spend on a makeup bag but it was so worth it :)

It came beautifully wrapped in this tissue paper which I luckily didn't have to rip when I got my bag out :)

I also got some free samples of the high beam and hello flawless which I was shocked to see came with a very small sponge as that is what they recommend to apply it with :)

This is the inside of the bag and my dog jumped on my bed wanting to be in the picture :) as you can see it has 5 slots for different brushes and a deep part to put in all of your makeup in. Im so excited to use this and I can see its going to be really handy :)

Have you girls made any great buys recently that you can't wait to use? :)


  1. It looks really nice and is a good size. I want a new makeup bag but im really picky as it has to be quite thin so it fits in my bag :)

  2. @Maxinecassidy Thank youu :)

    @Caz Yeah it is a good size, im really pleased :)

  3. haha, i know its a pain, im going to cardiff next friday to get some things, if you want me to pick anything up for you, a kind of swap type thing, then ill be happy to do that if you want :) let me know xxxxx