06 September 2010

Award and Twitter :)

First off I would like to welcome you all to my twitter, you can find me under the name Jodyxo or Jody Sander if thats easier :) I've had my twitter for quite a while now but hardly ever used it to tweet myself buttt im going to get into it again so join if you want to read random things that happen in my day :) orr if you don't have twitter or don't want to follow me on there I have added a widget on the side of my blog so you can read my most recent tweets :)

Anywayy on to the award I recieved quite a while ago now due to being away. The lovely Sunshine Sam awarded me the Happy 101 award so thank you soooo much Sam :)

The rules:
Post who gave you this award
State 10 things that you love
 Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

Okk so 10 things I love:
1. My boyfriend for always sticking by me :)
2. Dominoes Hot Dog pizza - seriously the best pizza everr
3. Nights in with sweets and a DVD
4. Sitting down to a good book :)
5. My dogs because there so damn cute :)
6. Cardigans - love love loveeeee them
7. Jewellery - not posh jewellery just cheap stuff from high street shops :)
8. My new phone (which I will be getting on wednesday :D)
9. Long wavy/curly hair
10. My followers for reading the crap I write :)

I don't like tagging individual people so I choose to tag all of my amazing followers please feel free to take this award and tell me so I can read it :)