04 August 2010

Skincare: Removing makeup/Night

To continue my skincare series here is what I do at night time to remove my makeup.

First of all I use a facewipe to remove most of my makeup, I use both of these depending on which I grap first. Both of these facewipes are really good and I would recommend both of these. The Johnson's baby ones are obviously mean't for a baby but work really well taking off makeup. You get 64 wipes in each pack which is more than you would get in any other pack available. These cost £2.39 from Sainsbury's which is a bargain. They are really soft and they smell nice as well, they do a really good job of taking of my makeup as well. The only thing that I don't like about these is that they are all connected in the pack so when you take one out the others are joined on so you have to stuff the next one back in so it doesn't go dry. The Simple ones are also really soft and nice and they come out one at a time so they are easier to use in that respect, they also have no smell to them. You get 25 wipes in each pack, they cost £2.97 but are on offer for £1.99 in Superdrug at the moment. I really like these as they're really wet so make taking off the makeup easy without causing any irritation to my skin. They are both really good but the Johnson's ones are much better value for money and do just as good a job as any other facewipe available

I then apply the cleanser which is a thick cream consistency to a cotton wool pad then dap it onto 5 places on my face (cheeks, chin, nose and forehead) then go over and move the pad in upward circular motions all over to remove any left over makeup on my face. This works very well as a cleanser taking off all excess makeup which is all I look for in a cleanser and it also keeps the skin clear. The cleanser costs £2.99 but is on offer for £1.99 in Superdrug. I then apply the toner to another cotton wool pad and use it in the same way as the cleanser, this also takes off any remaining makeup. This is also really soothing to the skin but tightens it as well which is why after I have used this I apply the Simple moisturiser to my face which then leaves my face feeling really soft and smooth. I have the old toner meaning that the packaging is now different but im pretty sure the product is still the same. The toner costs £2.99 as well but is on offer for £1.99 in Superdrug as well.

I would recommend all of these products as they work really well and leave my skin nice and soft and take off all of my makeup including eye makeup such as mascara. However this works for me and may not work for everybody as everybody has different skin, I have dry and sensitive skin but I can see this working for most people :)


  1. i love johnsons baby wipes, they're always my favourite thing to take my make up off with... if they're good enough for a baby's bottom their good enough for my mug ;) xoxo

  2. I use the Johnsons Babywipes as i have sensitive skin and they work really well.

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